With another year on the way to another coronavirus pandemic, it is reassuring to see a number of new OTT launches almost every day. While most of us are thriving on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hostar, and Voot for our favorite movies, here’s a list of IMDb’s top-rated drama movies that you would love to watch alone or with friends and family.

Life imprisonment

With an IMDb rating of 9.3, Shawshank Redemption is considered a legendary movie with a golden script. It is the most watched and loved movie of all time. It is based on the Stephen King novel “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.” If you love Morgan Freeman, you will know how he became such a sensation after the success of this movie.

Schindler’s list

Schindler’s list won 7 Oscars and is known as Steven Spielberg’s Best Works. It shows how 1,100 Jews were saved during WWII from Auschwitz.

Forrest Gump

Gump, a man with a low IQ, becomes a phenomenal character who is loved for his kindness throughout the film. Portrayed by Tom Hanks, this film is rated 8.8 on IMDb and has also been replicated by Bollywood in ‘Laal Singh Chadha’ starring Aamir Khan.

Fight club

The Fight Club takes you through an illusory journey that is finally broken by the reality of things, right? This suspenseful drama will confuse you in every frame, and that’s what makes it special. With an 8.8 rating on IMDb, you can see this on Amazon Prime.

Requiem for a Dream

If you like psychological dramas, contemplate the Requiem for a dream! This 2000 film starring Ellen Burstyn and Jared Leto shows what narcotics do to your body and mind, often causing you to live in the hallucination of life. It has an 8.3 rating on IMDb.

Fountain: GQ India

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