Any parent would do anything to give their child the best. Whether it’s a toy or a sugary sweet treat, one parent provides everything. We all have our childhood memories where our parents went the extra mile just to get us what we really wanted.

However, a Kerala man used his skills to give his children something that no one could have thought of. Shakir has made headlines for building the ultimate toy, which is a miniature Mahindra jeep for his children to play.

Shakir, a resident of Areekode in Kerala’s Malappuram district, has built a miniature soft top Jeep mahindra for your children that runs on electricity. The construction of this took around a year and Rs 1.5 Lakhs.

He did his best to make the jeep, from wielding it to coloring it in miniature. Shakir shared the video of his creation that has received a lot of recognition online. He also said that he completed the project more than 5-6 years ago, but is happy to see people appreciate it today.

As reported by The Indian Express, the jeep has a 1000-watt motor, manual gearbox, power steering, removable soft top, and headlights. In addition, it has a range of approximately 60-70 km.

Since the video was posted on social media, people have grown in number to appreciate Shakir’s efforts. In fact, many have even asked him to make one for them as well.

The time and effort that could have been invested in making this masterpiece are unimaginable but commendable. The miniature car is fully operational and if you watch the video you will notice the pure joy on the children’s faces. Everyone seems to be delighted with this amazing gift from their father, I’m sure.

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