When was the first time you saw actor Pankaj Tripathi on screen? If you remember the old Tata Tea ad where he wanted the Indians ‘Jaago Re’ to play a snobby politician asking for votes. Since then, Tripathi has come a long way, mesmerizing us with all the characters from great movies like Gunjan Saxena and Ludo and of course the popular ‘Mirzapur’ and ‘Mirzapur 2’ franchise.

He came from a middle-class family and is now one of the most beloved actors in the film industry. Some of their most famous ads may have had you scratching your head over the years. For example, in this ‘Milk Bikis’ where he calmly tells the mother to feed her son ‘atta biskoot’ instead of maida.


No matter what role he played, his humility has always manifested itself, on and off the screen. So what makes it a popular brand with young people today?

Always grounded to your roots

Pankaj Tripathi comes from Bihar. He has lived in a village and, after all his success, he now owned a bungalow. Despite everything, he always reminds his fans where he comes from. His roots are always ingrained and have helped him land every role so far.

A credible personality

Unlike most of today’s child stars, Pankaj Tripathi is one of the most honest actors in the industry. Currently, he has come out stronger than ever, doing commercials for Milk Bikis, Glucon-D, Nilon’s, 1mg, Cadbury Fuse, 70MM, Policy Bazaar, Videocon, and even Sujata Mixer Grinder. No other actor has had such diverse roles with various brands. He is the epitome of an average Indian, with whom viewers can mostly identify.

With its versatile portfolio, many fans believe it will make the cut on Duff & Phelps’ annual celebrity brand valuation list, as opposed to 2020.

Do you like Tripathi’s performance? What do you think of the different roles he has played so far and which is your favorite?

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