The Internet is full of content that offers entertainment and more. There have been many real life instances that have been captured and uploaded online. Some entertaining, some heartbreaking, while others have raised hope.

One of those videos recently went viral on social media. Mayur Shelke, a train pointer at the Vangani train station near Mumbai, bravely saved a boy from an oncoming train when he fell on the train tracks. Since the video went viral on the internet, people have praised Mayur for her courage and quick thinking.

Shelke’s act of bravery earned him praise from the Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal and he was congratulated for an exceptionally brave act. The Central Railway Divisional Manager of Railways and staff rewarded him 50,000 rupees.

Soon after, Anupam Thareja, co-founder, Jawa motorcycles, promised to honor him with a motorcycle under the Jawa Heroes initiative. And he kept his promise without delay. The company recently gifted him the keys to a new Jawa Forty Two. The company shared a post on Twitter honoring Mayur’s courage.

Overwhelmed by all the applause Mayur is receiving he did something that astonished us all once again. Regarding the prize money she received, Shelke said she will donate half of the amount to charity.

The news of his consideration went viral once again and Anupam Thareja was one of many who tweeted in appreciation. He tweeted, “Look again at this brave railway punctuation Mayur who put aside caution to rescue Sangeeta Shirsat’s young son with visual impairment from the tracks. And I just heard that he donated half of his prize to the mother-son duo. I was in awe before, now I feel humbled. “Salute!

He told ANI on Thursday: “I will give half of the amount, which was given to me as a token of appreciation, for the well-being and education of that child. I came to know that your family is not financially sound. So I decided this. “

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