Vibha harish, an entrepreneur from Bangalore has come to Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30. It is noteworthy that Vibha made the list in just one year after opening his company, Cosmix. Launched in 2019, Cosmix is ​​a health supplement brand and also one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Vibha was inspired to start the company after a diagnosis of PCOS led her to pay more attention to a healthy diet. The Bangalore-based startup makes powdered nutritional supplements from fruits, herbs and roots, which it says can help boost immunity and improve sleep.

While talking about her trip, Vibha told PTI that her mother suggested that she opt for herbal medications over any allopathic medications for her PCOS. Then he started using herbs. Inspired by the herbalism of the western world and the Ayurveda of our own country, she began to experiment for herself.

Cosmix has a dedicated research and development team in Bengaluru constantly working on new mixes and improving old ones. This R&D department is supervised by his mother. Cosmix has eight products for gut health, liver health, sleep, hair health, and skin health.

Vibha was learning about herbalism when he realized that herbalism was not very popular as it was not marketed properly. According to Vibha, this was mainly due to the lack of correct scientific information.

Harish is an engineer by training and has inherited the business from her parents. In just one year of its operation, Cosmix recorded a turnover of around 2 million rupees.

The brand also makes superfood bars for malnourished children throughout the Anganwadis.

As for his social responsibility, Vibha uses part of his profits to fund the company’s “Nutrition for All” program, which donates food and energy bars to malnourished children in rural India.

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