The situation around COVID19 appears to have worsened in India in recent months. While the entire world is battling the pandemic, India’s position appears to be worsening than the others. With a shortage of oxygen cylinders in hospitals, in addition to Remdesivir medicine and the basic ease of having an empty bed, the Indian people are struggling to keep their loved ones safe.

Journalists and news channels from around the world have been covering the situation. Soon, many countries reached out and offered support in these trying times. Regardless of their political and international relationships, many countries have sent or offered to send support in the form of PPE kits, ventilators, and necessary medications.


US President Joe Biden posted a tweet extending his support for India. He shared a post tweeted by Jake Sullivan, White House national security adviser. Biden tweeted saying: “Just as India sent aid to the United States as our hospitals were overloaded at the beginning of the pandemic, we are determined to help India in its time of need.”

U.S has announced that it will ship rapid diagnostic test kits, fans and PPE kits.

The United States has also said that it has “identified specific raw material sources that are urgently required for Indian manufacture of the Covishield vaccine that will be immediately available to India.” However, some may say that this comes after receiving a backlash from the US raw materials ban previously.


The British Foreign Office announced that the UK is sending more than 600 medical devices including 495 oxygen concentrators and 140 ventilators in total to India to help the country. The first shipment is due to arrive in New Delhi on Tuesday.


According to The Hindu, Russia was to send 3,00,000-4,00,000 injections of Remdesivir, which may have to be postponed due to US patent infringements. Russia will provide oxygen generators, concentrators and drugs like Favipiravir to India on a special plane within this week .


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia Marise Payne said in a statement that she will send oxygen, ventilators and PPE equipment to India as part of an immediate support package.


Singapore has extended a shipment of oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies that were loaded onto an Air India plane at Changi airport to depart for India on Sunday night, according to the ANI report.


As reported by The Hindu, CanadaThe Minister of Public Services and Procurement, Anita Anand, said on Saturday that her government is ready with PPE equipment, ventilators and anything else that could be useful for the Indian government..

United Arab Emirates

According to many reports, India is currently in talks with the United Arab Emirates government to air transport the country’s high-capacity oxygen tanker trucks.


Pakistan It has officially contacted India and has offered to send help and support in the form of ventilators, X-ray machines and other medical components necessary in the fight against the virus. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi shared a tweet in which he extended his support for India.

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