Despite having changed bases or being born in India, these billionaires have set an example with their knowledge and skills for the entire world. The Forbes 2021 Richest Billionaires List is finally out and these 5 Indian-Americans are glorifying that it’s on top.

Wondering who they are? You will surely recognize these few names.

Jay chaudhury

With a net worth of $ 10 billion, Chaudhary came in at No. 228. He is the proud owner of Zscaler since 2008. Along with his wife, he has been living in the United States since the 1980s. They both left their jobs to start their own companies. They have co-owned and successfully run companies such as CoreHarbor, CipherTrust, AirDefense, and SecureIT.

Rakesh Gangwal |

He is the owner of Interglobe Aviation, owner of IndiGo, the airline with the most flights in India. He started IndiGo in 2006 with Rahul Bhatia and owns 37% of the company’s shares. He currently has a net worth of $ 3.9 billion and ranks at # 752 on the Forbes list.

Niraj shah

Starting Wayfair with another billionaire, Shah generated as much as $ 14 billion in revenue last year. He has a net worth of $ 3.6 billion and ranks at position 831 on the Forbes list. His company offers more than 18 million products worldwide.

Aneel Bhusri

Bhusri is the vice president of PeopleSoft, an enterprise software company. He has a net worth of $ 2.8 billion and is ranked 1111 on the Forbes list. Most of your earned wealth is donated to charity as your stance with the Giving Pledge.

Vinod Khosla

Khosla is the proud owner of Khosla Ventures, but that’s not just what the Silicon Valley billionaire does. It has previously invested in experimental technologies. He also co-founded Sun Microsystems in 1982 and was also a part of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers for 18 years before starting his own fund-based company. It ranks 1174 on the Forbes list.

Fountain: Forbes India

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