Have you visited the Charminar in Hyderabad, India? Beautiful and red sculptures can be seen in the morning and evening. Accordingly, this Reddit user created this beautiful sculpture minicraft version from scratch, so that the audience was mesmerized by his creativity. If you haven’t seen real life sculpture, this virtual version will definitely impress you.

Minicraft is a sandbox video game created by Mozang. This 30-second video demonstrates the creativity of Marcus Notch Pearson, using Java to integrate code to create this masterpiece. Every Hyderabadi approves, some users invite some producers to the city for a mouth-watering biryani!

You can watch the video through this post.

Charminar in minicraft! From Indian Gaming

If you have ever played a minicraft, you know that you haven’t entered the world so much. You have the ability to create forests, caves, buildings and oceans. No short or long term goals. You are given cubes or blocks to make everything yourself. You can also remove, add or replace any composition to your liking.

From evening to the next morning, the video shows a charminar built entirely on a minicraft. The hues that show that time and stars are changing amaze you and make you wish to live in Hyderabad. The realistic view is just as beautiful and you should definitely visit the city to catch a glimpse of this famous monument.

The people of Telangana find this creation inspiring. They surprised the creator and complimented him for his work in the Reddit thread.

One user even asked me to share this creation from time to time because it was amazingly gorgeous!

What are your thoughts on this minicraft sculpture?

Source: Siast

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