Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown high growth potential over the years. With Ethereum’s market capitalization hitting a record $ 100 million while Bitcoin stands at $ 600 billion, there is no doubt that the two digital assets are becoming more popular.

Be that as it may, Bitcoin has become a force to be reckoned with in the financial sector. This is attributed to the acceptance of the digital asset as a form of payment by various merchants around the world. What makes Bitcoin stand out among other digital assets is that while Ethereum is a decentralized network on which other applications can be developed, Bitcoin enjoys monetary value just like fiat currencies. So what is Bitcoin or Ethereum worth investing in? We put all of that in perspective.


Bitcoin outperforms all other digital assets in market value. In fact, the current market value of Bitcoins has crossed the $ 50,000 mark. Through a report published by Forbes, a leading online publication, the price of Bitcoin is projected to cross $ 100,000 by the end of 2021. Typically, the popularity of Bitcoin has driven the price to a record high over the years.

Unique characteristics of Bitcoins

Besides being attractive in various sectors, Bitcoin has continued to gain acceptance in the mainstream market. Unlike altcoins, Bitcoin enjoys the characteristics of money.

Such characteristics include scarcity, durability, divisibility, and recognizability. On the other hand, altcoins lose monetary value in many ways. Altcoins are generally an alternative to Bitcoin that is primarily focused on supporting secure peer-to-peer online transactions.

It is basically blockchain-based cryptography that supports online transactions. Ethereum, one of the top contenders in the cryptocurrency world, offers a robust ecosystem to support decentralized applications through the use of smart contract technologies.

While Bitcoin can be transacted directly in the form of monitoring, Ethereum operates through a token that investors can buy and sell when the price increases. Due to the disparity of characteristics, Ethereum is unlikely to compete with the market capitalization that Bitcoin already controls.

Acceptance of key investors

Bitcoin has gained acceptance on various platforms as a form of payment by key players in various sectors. The high recognition that Bitcoin enjoys on various trading platforms makes it more attractive to investors. Read on to find out more about trading bitcoins and record price of bitcoin

Although Ethereum has gradually gained popularity over the years, the monetary value associated with Bitcoin makes it more attractive to most crypto enthusiasts around the world.

Although Bitcoin already dominates a large market segment due to acceptance on various platforms,


Like fiat currencies, Bitcoin is a stable currency. Although volatile, it is one of the most stable cryptocurrencies in the world. Not only does BTC have a long history in the cryptocurrency market, it has maintained an impressive performance in value for the past 10 years.

Limited offer

Blockchain technology that ensures that all Bitcoins mined are cut in half has helped maintain the shortage. With scarcity comes limited supply that is healthy for maintaining value. So far, there are only 21 million BTC in supply worldwide. This creates an acute shortage that contributes to its increasing value.

The Bitcoin halving is an ideal mining technology that plays a major role in slowing down new BTC currencies that can enter the market. These are some of the factors that make BTC more valuable than any other digital asset available on the crypto market.


Before deciding whether to invest in BTC or Ethereum, it is important to understand the distinctive qualities between the two digital assets.

Target other than BTC

Unlike BTC, which focuses on monitoring, Ethereum provides an infrastructure that developers can use to create various applications. Typically, the Ethereum platform makes it easy to issue tokens from one network to another. Ethereum has become popular since the technology aims to revolutionize financial technology and finance. The Ethereum network aims to transform the way transactions are conducted in the mortgage and securities exchange sectors.


The Ethereum network makes it easy to improve technology within the application. This has had an impact on the technology industry and has resulted in increased activity on the network.

A paradigm shift in block creation

The Ethereum infrastructure has brought a paradigm shift in the way blocks are created. Unlike Bitcoin mining, where the miners with the most computing powers create new tokens, the people with the largest ownership stakes have the power to earn tokens. This reduces the high cost of mining associated with BTC.

Final thoughts

Although mining Ethereum is not as expensive as BTC, the role of bitcoin in the mainstream market cannot be underlined. Crypto has not only seen an increase in value during the year, but it has a higher potential for return than ether. In that case, if you plan to invest in crypto, BTC may be a perfect option.

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