One of the most popular cloud computing services used by organizations and businesses around the world is AWS. It is a comprehensive solution for businesses, whether for database migration or content delivery. With this, the opportunities for cloud computing professionals are greatly increasing. More and more IT professionals are looking for AWS certifications. AWS currently offers 12 certifications ranging from basic to specialized in cloud computing.

Having an AWS certification demonstrates that a professional has skills acquired from a globally recognized body in cloud computing. With AWS Cloud Architect Certification, professionals stand out from their peers and their familiarity and knowledge of best practices in cloud architecture is validated. To become AWS certified, there are a few steps professionals can take:

  • Take an AWS training course to obtain the AWS certification you want to acquire. With this, professionals can build their foundation and increase their knowledge of AWS and cloud computing.
  • Professionals should review all study guides that are available for their certification choice.
  • They can also read the AWS white papers, as they contain valuable information that could answer your questions.
  • Professionals should take practice exams that can familiarize them with the actual certification exam.
  • Once a person feels they are ready, they can schedule the exam. Based on the certification you are seeking and your level of experience, it can take between 80 and 120 hours to prepare for the exam and acquire the certification of your choice.

It is recommended that before obtaining a specialty level certification, professionals obtain the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. It is an entry-level certification that validates a candidate’s understanding of the fundamentals of the AWS cloud. To acquire this certificate, it is recommended that professionals have a minimum of 6 months of general experience in the AWS cloud in any role. It is a 90 minute exam consisting of multiple choice questions.

One of the most requested and popular AWS certifications is the AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional and Associate-level certifications. These are in demand and such certifications tend to earn higher average salaries. The mean annual salary for certified AWS solution architects it can go up to $ 155,000.

The primary responsibility of an AWS solution architect is to deploy applications on the AWS cloud infrastructure. One of the main reasons that large companies have turned to the cloud is cost reduction. With the cloud, companies don’t have to invest in local infrastructure. This may seem simple, but it is not. This is where AWS solution architects come in. They are responsible for creating a design that also addresses critical factors such as performance, reliability, ease of use, and scalability, as well as cost reduction. Their duty also includes minimizing risks like miscalculations or data breaches that an organization could face. For these responsibilities, a deep understanding of the AWS cloud is required.

To become an AWS Solution Architect, professionals must pass the AWS Solution Architect Associate Level Exam. It is a 130 minute exam consisting of multiple choice and multiple choice questions. The scoring range for the exam is 100-1000, of which candidates must score a minimum of 720 to pass the exam. The exam fee is $ 150 for the associate level exam and $ 300 for the professional level exam. There is an option to take the exam in multiple languages, including English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. If a person cannot pass the exam successfully, they can retake it after fourteen days and can take it as many times as they want. The AWS Solution Architect certification is valid for three years and can be renewed every year after that.

The AWS Solutions Architect exam consists of five sections:

  1. Design resilient architectures
  2. Define performance architecture
  3. Specify secure architectures and applications
  4. Design cost-optimized architectures
  5. Define operationally excellent architectures

Professionals can prepare for the AWS Solution Architect exam by taking a training course to build their foundation for the exam. However, training courses alone are not sufficient preparation for this. Along with that, professionals should delve into specific AWS services, including Amazon VPC, RDS, S3, Kinesis, Lambda, and serverless components. They should also refer to the Whitepaper, an overview of AWS storage services that contains several scenario-based questions about the type of storage that can be used. With this, professionals can know the differences between them and when to use each storage service. Apart from this, professionals should learn the testing strategies that would be beneficial for the AWS Solution Architect exam. To successfully pass the exam, professionals must use the elimination technique for each question and read each question twice. Exam questions are complicated, so candidates need to take time to read the question correctly and then answer. They should also use the “Mark for Review” feature freely to be able to return to the questions they want to review at the end.

There is a significant lack of experienced AWS professionals, so now is the right time to earn your AWS Solutions Architect certification and advance your career in the cloud computing industry by earning certification. There are no prerequisites for acquiring AWS Solution Architect certification; however, some prior experience of at least one year working with AWS is considered beneficial. Any professional who is interested in hosting applications on AWS that is fault tolerant and highly scalable can opt for this certification. It is suitable for professionals who are cloud software engineers, programmers, DevOps professionals, developers, and cloud programmers.

After becoming certified as an AWS Solution Architect, professionals can take their career to the next level and demonstrate their expertise in the AWS field. With this certification, they will be able to design systems that are reliable, cost-effective, high-performance, and secure. They can work as solution architects, IT managers, system administrators, software developers, solution design engineers, and test professionals after obtaining AWS solution architect certification.

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