You may be subscribed to Disney + Hotstar through your data plan or have a family package for an annual subscription. This OTT platform has some of the best Indian series and movies. This May, stay tuned for these new releases that are sure to keep you and your family hooked on the screen.

Chattis aur maina

Chattis and Maina, played by Vikram Singh Chauhan and Sandeepa Dhar, are two very different people. While one is career oriented, the other is fun loving and carefree in life. See how this chalk and cheese duo maintains a relationship.

Murder Meri Jaan

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ACP Aditya sees through the con man in Sonal, the runaway girlfriend. This crime drama has several humorous anecdotes that will keep you wanting more. Played by Tanuj Wirvani and Barkha Singh, you are sure to appreciate the wholesome characters.

Teenager making paanch

This couple just wanted one child, but I guess life had more in store for them! See how these two partners now manage their lives with three children and the crazy adventures they have together.

Shit, Yaar!

Are you as bored with your business life as these two? Watch this to find out how a little trick turns into an adventure-filled weekend.

Bhopal to Las Vegas

How do three friends from Bhopal plan a trip to Las Vegas? For their bachelorette party, these three best friends secretly plan everything to make sure no one in their small town talks about their antics.

You should also keep a tab on these new releases, this month,

  1. Six
  2. Bar Humara Happy Hour
  3. Bamini and boys
  4. Crime next door
  5. Mukesh jasoos

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