How do big companies withstand today’s fever with so many small companies trying their hands with the big guns? Crocs, a popular lifestyle company, became popular with slippers with holes for all age groups. The company has come a long way in manufacturing luxury and comfortable footwear that is advertised through targeted marketing tactics aimed at a particular group of consumers.

So how has the company managed to market its shoes over the years?

Crocodile-look shoes

Have you looked closely at the design of Crocs slippers? It resembles the mouth of a crocodile and this is how the company decided to name itself. These were originally sold to boaters in 2002 where the company managed to sell 200 pairs.

An ugly bet

The company always knew that the shoes looked a bit unusual. Despite its ugly appearance, the brand made it a fashion statement. By using bright colors and patterns and combining them with designer and celebrity associations, he created a niche for himself.

Bright colors

There’s a reason customers are drawn to Crocs. Have you ever noticed the vibrant colors in the section? If you compare it to other brands, you may not find this clear distinction. A model had at least 20 different colors initially.

Designer Collaborations

Crocs has made every effort to collaborate with the designers. In 2017, they appeared in designer Christopher Lane’s show.

Celebrity targeting

Celebrities like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have been seen wearing Crocs on several occasions. How does the company manage to address these growing sensations? When the brand was launched, Natalie Portman and Drew Barrymore were inducted as official ambassadors. Little by little, rapper and singer Post Malone had his own version of Crocs that sold out in 10 minutes.

Made for a specialized lifestyle

Price, material, and design are great characteristics that resonate with a niche clientele. The majority of Crocs consumers come from affluent backgrounds. They are willing to spend money and buy only those pairs that are relevant to current trends.

Third Party Manufacturers

Crocs no longer has a physical production unit. In 2018, the brand closed its last factory. Now third-party manufacturers are selling them in stores, while you can definitely buy a pair from the official website.

Do you have a collection of Crocs too?

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