These are hard times. The pandemic has completely transformed the world; the present and the future of business models have changed in 2 years. The growth that online startups were getting has seen an exceptional increase as people sit at home and prefer social distancing while shopping. This gives us a clear idea that digitization is no longer just an option; It’s a necessity now and the startup journey we share today is sure to increase your faith in online selling businesses.

How it all started?

It all started because he graduated from the IIM Anusha Chandrashekar I dreamed of creating a women’s clothing brand. He even quit his high-paying job at Deloitte to follow his dreams. But his plans were executed after the other founder. Alok paul showed interest in your idea because you wanted to do something in e-commerce. This marriage of dreams not only made them business partners, but they also ended up getting married and started a brand called Berrylush in Noida in 2018.

The brand started when both founders still had full-time jobs. After getting a good initial response, Anusha managed to get a 10 lakh rupees investment of his father.

Berrylush manufactures and sells women’s clothing, including dresses, blouses, jumpsuits and skirts. Manufacturing on their own was not their initial plan, but after sourcing damaged products and rate irregularities and production delays, the duo decided to make products after initial growth.

Everything was moving at a medium pace before someone from Myntra saw potential in their range. This helped them grow faster and the couple partnered with exclusive manufacturers and increased the brand’s production capacity to more than 100 machines.

The couple uses online platforms like Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, Amazon and their own website to sell these products. Your PVU offers quality fashion products at affordable prices. The couple also share that 999 rupees price range has been their best seller so far.

Speaking of the numbers, the Noida headquarters has achieved annual revenue of 15 crore rupees after selling more than 3 lakh of products

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