Looking for fashion inspiration in 2021? Instead of subscribing to Vogue and Cosmopolitan, you hit the follow button on the profile of these proud influences on social media platforms. They are very popular on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and with many years of inspiration they have created a niche for themselves.

Here are the top 7 inspirational fashion influencers in India:

Komal Pandey

With over 1.3 million followers, Komal made a humble start at PopXO. She created a place for herself with her fans on YouTube. Today she remains quite active on Instagram, providing her fans with fashion tips, styling hacks, shopping guides and more. She is one of the most versatile fashion influencers in India today and she has come a long way in her journey.

Kritika Khurana

Like many social media influencers, Kritika Khurana started her journey by creating YouTube videos on a fashion guide. She is now a famous fashion influencer, she styles most of the costumes herself. She has a degree in fashion designing and is quite vocal about her likes and dislikes on her Instagram page.

Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty is the founder of Style Age. She is very popular on Instagram with over 100,000 followers. She is also known for her travel vlogs, in which she suggests hacks in her style and costume ideas for different seasons for her viewers.

Deepa Buller lost

Deepa is known as one of the first Indian fashion influencers to carve her name internationally. She has a sense of style, in which she shone in 9 different outfits during her 4 days of marriage. In addition she has worked for major beauty brands including Max Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Aveda and Clinic.

Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe is a fashion and travel blogger who shows her love for textiles, DIY and fashion against the natural backdrop of reels on her posts and Instagram. She is also the owner of Arebela Official, in which she shows all her designs.

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