Brand wars are not new to us. If you follow us regularly, you must have read articles on the world’s most interesting brand wars. Previously, international brands were seen to be more active when it came to competitor research, but these days we see Indian brands actively engaging in such strategies.

We are all familiar with the rumor created by Twitter’s decision to ban Kangana Ranaut’s account recently. Seeing this as an opportunity, the local app’s Koo founders welcome Kangana to their platform and make her feel right at home.

Sharing Kanagana’s First Post on the Koo App, Co-Founder Aprameya radhakrishna wrote “This was @kanganarofficial ‘s first koo. He’s right in saying that Koo is like his home while everything else is rented 🙂 “

The other co-founder Mayank Bidwatka feels Kangana can share her views on the site “with pride”. “Kangana Jee, this is your home, you can express your opinions to everyone here with pride. “ wrote in Koo.

We are waiting for how Kangana or Twitter will respond to this. What do you think of all this controversy? Share your opinions in the comment section.

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