Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon musk has always been the center of attention for his tweets. Whether it’s to skyrocket the stock of WhatsApp rivals or a Japanese gaming company, Musk has done it all. Your tweets are what everyone is waiting for now.

But recently, it seems that the industrialist has decided to scold his rivals. Musk has targeted brands that have entered the automotive industry.

A Twitter user @utsavtechie, posted about the name of companies such as Apple, Xiaomi, LG, Sony and Huawei that have entered the automotive sector. He ended his tweet by mentioning that Tesla is already making cars and how everyone is focused on making cars.

Musk, who is a notorious but proactive social media user, took notice of this tweet and posted some of himself. His tweet reflected what Musk thinks of his rivals. Which is not very high, you can tell.

Musk wrote ‘Prototypes are easy, production is difficult’, which clearly meant a dig at all the other brands in question.

Apple and Tesla have had their differences in the past. Apple has been working on developing an autonomous car since 2015. To work on the project, the company has even hired a lot of former Tesla employees, which doesn’t seem like a good fit with the latter.

Musk has often been seen and heard calling Apple “a graveyard of former Tesla employees.” However, Apple is rumored to have been in talks with LG to work together on the prototype.

Tesla He’s done very well in the auto industry so far and it looks like other companies will have to work harder to provide Musk with decent competition. Tesla Model 3 It was recently announced as the most popular executive sedan in the world. Now that is a difficult milestone to achieve.

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