While several private companies are laying off their employees during these difficult times, some companies have gone beyond their limits to ensure that employees affected by COVID-19, recovering and deceased, get justice no matter where they are.

So which of these companies are sent by God? Here is a list of how these popular Indian companies stand out among their workforce.


Earlier this week, Borosil announced that it would take care of any employee who dies due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that the family of the deceased will be cared for. If he or she has children, they will be paid the education fee until graduation. This is the least they can do as a warm gesture to help everyone on the team.


Any employee affected with COVID-19 will receive a special paid leave of 14 days. This also includes those who have an individual affected by COVID-19 at home. The company is making progress in providing the assistance required by employees and their families.


Any employee who is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine can do so, all expenses paid by Capgemini. The company is willing to carry the load to ensure that its employees remain safe and sound.


If an employee, unfortunately, passes away due to the coronavirus pandemic, Zomato is willing to pay 100% of their salary to their family members for the next 2 years as a thank you for the service.

Urban Company

Urban Company has helped establish a relief fund to help its employees offset the expenses necessary to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. This fund has been extended to both company employees and members who urgently need it.

Do you have the privilege of working for any of these companies? If you don’t belong here, is your company helping employees in any way during these tough times?

Let us know in the comments.

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