With a number of new changes taking place in the world of brands, Renault is moving forward with its new identity. With a new company logo, the company has retained its diamond shape and will use the same for all cars in the world by 2024.

How did Renault get its diamond design?

It was in 1925 when Renault received its diamond identity that it has stuck with all its loyal customers. The new logo was studied between 2015 and 2019 before finally being implemented. It was made under the supervision of Renault Design Director Gilles Vidal.

The logo is representative of the modern era but retains its original identity. Over the years, the shape of the logo has definitely changed and the diamond has become a trademark since the 1900s.

Have you seen all the Renault logos?

How did the Renault logo look since the beginning of time?

From the very beginning of the company, this is how the company logo received its appreciated transformation.




When the diamond joined Renault.





The new logo was revealed this week. This brings a total of 9 reps in over 100 years!

This new identity also lacks typography. Customers are now shifting towards a souvenir value that can be seen in other brand logos, such as Apple, Nike, Puma, and even Amazon. Staying in sync with the attention span of the current generation, a logo as good as this one definitely catches the eye while maintaining a sense of minimalism.

Do you prefer the new logo to the previous ones?

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