Have you ever visited a Barbeque Nation and enjoyed the all you can eat buffet? For Rs. 700 or 800, you can have an unlimited number of items throughout your meal. Ever wonder how these restaurants make it so easily and if they have something to lose?

By making a buffet available to customers, this is the ideal psychology that most restaurants are targeting. It not only applies to customers, but also to service providers. These restaurants or chain restaurants know how to easily save money.

Still confused as to how that is possible? Next time you visit a buffet, take a closer look at these things,

  1. There are no servers near the buffet section. One or two delegates may be willing to help you find what you like. However, the ideal mechanism for a buffet is to have customers help themselves and choose what they want to eat. You choose what you like and put it on your plate with the common spoon provided. Restaurants do not need to hire extra help. Easy right?
  2. Have you ever compared buffet food to the same food served on a non-buffet day? You may notice a drastic difference in the taste or quality of the food. While particular attention is definitely paid to individual meals prepared on site for customers, organizing a buffet involves planning food preparation well in advance because the food may not always be fresh or lose its flavor.
  3. The cheapest items are always placed in the front. You will find the most magnificent and exquisite items placed far back. Once your stomach is full with the most affordable ones, you may not have room to get more food into your system.

The buffet system is a great way to reduce waste. There is hardly any food wasted as customers are drawn to the affordable rates and try to take advantage of them within the set period.

Do you think this is a great way for the food industry to carve out a niche for itself?

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