From fashion to smartphones, from wearable devices to HealthTech, Delhi has proven to be the best home for over 10,000 startups and is even leading the race by numbers.

Here is the list of top 10 Delhi startups that have taken pride in the startup world.

1. Wingify

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Founder: Paras Chopra, Sparsh Gupta

Founded in 2010

Wingify has been a software company based in Delhi, India. Its products include VWO, a conversion optimization and A / B testing platform. The main reason for Wingify’s mission is to develop the best tools in the world to optimize a website. Your products help you increase website sales, conversions, and registrations. The products they make are nice to use and don’t require a rocket science degree. This startup has been so successful that in 2017 the company was started. Due to the success of the company, Forbes had the founder of Wingify, Paras Chopra, on the 30 Under 30 Lists of Influencers in India in 2014

2. Flyrobe

Founders: Shreya Mishra, Pranay Surana and Tushar Saxena

Founded in: 2015

Flyrobe is an online fashion rental platform, different from several startups that have been found. Flyrobe is basically dedicated to supplying and renting Western clothing, designer dresses and ethnic clothing to order for your wedding, parties or any celebration, with advance reservation within a three hour delivery time. This fashion store has proven to be so good that it has over 50 designers on board, including industry leaders like Ritu Kumar, Masaba Gupta, and Shehla Khan. The founders have worked so hard that this startup currently has its stores in Mumbai and Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

3. Poshtick

Founders: Pranav Sharma and Kritik Thakur (CA)

Founded in: September 2016

Do millennials have time for themselves to stay fit and healthy while earning? Many of the youth or career-based professionals who live outside of their hometown will agree to the point that most of the time they skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner and end up indulging in their Favorite snacks like French fries, pakoda, and other fatty and sugary foods.

So to keep young people healthy and fit throughout the city, this new startup “Poshtick” had a brilliant idea to sell nutrition-based snacks to people.

Poshtick’s flagship product is Finge (an acronym for ‘fitness’ and ‘binge’) Box, with three snacks and a healthy drink. The calories and servings for each item are clearly indicated along with the items. Cookies, cakes, brownies, etc., are among the 50 products that are divided into five categories. There is a separate diabetic box with items for preventive health care. Soon this startup did well with clients that in October 2016, Poshtick raised Rs 3 crore from two high net worth individuals. Hence, this startup is serving people all over the world well as it has a core 10-member team working on it.

4. Cab Bazar

Founded by Deepanshu Rustagi, Amit Dhall, Rishabh Gupta and Dinesh Sharma

Founded in: 2017

Taxis have now become a way of life for everyone around us. Each of us at one time or another have used taxis when we are late to the office or for many other reasons. Taxis provide comfort and ease for everyone, and even girls feel safe in them. Looking ahead, this 2017 Gurugram-based startup was poised to deliver well-managed services for remote station and destination travelers. Cab Bazar is an online taxi aggregator committed to integrating local trips and remote stations with its mobile platform in real time. Started with an idea to provide hassle-free travel, CabBazar guarantees reliability, fast service, and convenience, all in a single digital platform to make it easy for your customers. The team even claims 30 percent monthly growth and has partnered with more than 600 taxi providers on Gurugram.

5. Remains

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Founders: Akhil Malik, Dharmveer Singh Chouhan, Paavan Nanda, Varun Tiwari

Founded in: 2013

This startup is the best for people to explore, spark their wanderlust for those travel fanatic backpackers to make their inner wanderlust possible in a pocket. Zostel has been the first backpacker hostel chain in India to offer safe, hygienic and affordable accommodation. This startup has been one of the most successful companies in Delhi, expanding its network to more than 20 Indian cities.

6. Truly madly

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Founder: Sachin Bhatia, Hitesh Dhingra and Rahul Kumar

Founded in: 2013

Dating in India is becoming popular and people have started using dating apps to meet people with similar interests and go on a date. This dating app has been different and unique in its own way as other dating apps show thousands of possible matches, but they really only show verified matches. TrulyMadly, you take profile verification seriously. Request proof of identity documents before posting a profile. Hence, it has been considered the best dating app in India.

7. Urbanclap

Image result for urban clap

Founders: Abhiraj Bhal

Founded in 2014

Is there anyone who still does not know Urban’s applause? NO, that’s right, this great startup has set its benchmark. It is even recognized as the fastest growing startup in India. From cleaning services consisting of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, to personal services such as beauty, spa, etc. Urban Clap provides almost all services. Hence, Urbanclap has proven to be the largest home service startup in India.

8. Dogspot

Image result for dogspot logo

Founder: Rana Atheya

Founded in: 2007

Do you need something better for your dog to eat? Do you need something better for your dog to eat? Dogspot offers online dog food supplies. Whatever it may be Dogspot has been online for years with the right people to help you and your pet. This startup in Delhi has brought an eminently change in pet care and has made feeding pets easier. Dogspot has been funded by business moguls such as Ratan Tata and Ronnie Screwvala, the company has made great strides since its founding.

9. Loan framework

Founders: Shailesh Jacob, Rishi Arya and Akshun Gulati

Founded in: August 2015

One of the best Indian startups, Loan Frame, is a financial technology company that is building the largest SME (small and medium-sized business) in the loan market. By fusing world-class processes from leading global banks with deep Indian SME lending expertise, data science and cutting-edge proprietary technologies, they focus on helping small businesses grow.

10. Stanza Living

Founders: Anindya Dutta and Sandeep Dalmia

Founded in 2017

Stanza Living offers a coexistence space for students aimed at empowering students along with high-quality products and service offerings. A Stanza Living residence can accommodate 40-500 people. Based in Delhi, the startup remodels and redesigns the properties according to the needs of the students, along with services such as food, WiFi, laundry, security, etc., on a single technology-enabled platform.

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