Are you thinking of venturing into the education sector? Schools are the gateway to a child’s crucial years and serve as a great model for businesses to expand and grow. There are certain Indian franchises up for grabs that can provide lucrative benefits to entrepreneurs. If you are looking to invest, here are the top 5 Indian school franchises to consider in 2021.


Kidzee is not only popular in India but throughout Asia. It was established in 2003 by Chiranjeet Singh and is based in more than 750 cities. It is one of the best preschools available to improve the quality of learning for young minds. A franchise investment can be made if you have 2,000 to 4,000 square feet of land.

Trio World School

Trio World School is one of the best institutions in Bangalore for growing children. It was founded by KN Manjunath in 2008. Its franchise was launched last year with an initial investment cost of Rs 5-7 crore. You would also need a piece of land of around 2-4 acres to get started.

Rockwell Educational Institutions

Subash Bora founded Rockwell Educational Institutions in 2009 where growing children strike the perfect balance between curricular and co-curricular education. With an initial investment of Rs 5 million, you would also need 3-5 acres of land for the school and 1.20,000 square feet of building area.

Educomp schools


One of the first schools to bring digital education to children, Educomp Schools have been in existence since 2007. They include smart classes with Educomp mentors and insights per class. You can visit their official website to learn more about your franchise prerequisites.

Homerton High School

Homerton Grammar School is one of the schools in India associated with UNESCO. Affiliated with CBSE, it was founded by Mr. Kuldeep Singh in 1983 and has strictly enforced international learning for today’s generation of children. You would need to invest Rs. 50 lakhs initially for the franchise.

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