It’s satisfying to know that now-billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, was once a reviewer for the platform. I used to review only the products that I personally liked and used, and I would rate them at least 5 stars with good reviews. Aside from being a self-made billionaire, this review hobby seems to have been a side hustle for him, in the past.

According to the Amazon platform, it ranks 78,951,609 in the position of reviewer. It was Inc Magazine that investigated the most to reveal that Bezos reviewed products between 2000 and 2006. This was an old profile that the CEO was using and it was definitely authentic, as confirmed by an Amazon spokesperson.

What products did Jeff Bezos personally review?

Of so many products on the platform, he has only given reviews of 6 of them with positive comments. All of these reviews have quite a few votes. In addition to this, one of his oldest reviews dates back to a classic movie, Life is Beautiful. This is what he wrote praising the movie.

Canon’s all-weather binoculars review

Similarly, he also reviewed Canon All-Weathers binoculars and seems to have spoken from personal experience, giving the product a good 5-star rating. 139 people indicated their review was helpful.

The full review also involves your suggestion in which you mention how it would be better if the binoculars came with a strap for comfort. He also adds that the lens cap could have been of better quality as the current one could break in no time and didn’t offer much protection to the device.

Down and Out in Magic Kingdom Review

Bezos is undoubtedly a bibliophile who has published reviews of 2 books, including ‘Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom’. The theme follows a 22nd century Walt Disney world that Bezos believed was definitely well ahead of its time.

In his review, he mentioned how the Star Trek world left some things blank with their assignments unknown to viewers. This book surely fills the void with its fictional theme.

From books to movies to even milk, Bezos has done it all in his career so far. Do you feel closer to him knowing more about his past efforts?

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