One thing this pandemic has told brands is that innovation is a must in this age and the companies that are ready to change are the ones that will make their industries. Not only business models, but companies are also changing their advertising strategies because consumer habits are changing very quickly.

One of those strategies we’re talking about today is Minipreç’s idea of ​​paying residents who are ready to advertise the brand on clotheslines and balconies. The Swedish supermarket chain is doing it in Lisbon (Portugal). Before the pandemic, Lisbon was a prime location on Airbnb and its popularity resulted in a 400% increase in short-term rental contracts in Lisbon and a 40% increase in rental prices.

Along with advertising, the initiative called ‘Hang Your Rent’ has been implemented to support the locals. A local association selected families for this campaign to help those most in need. Advertisements were printed on clothing (towels, sheets and clothing) and distributed to families throughout the city.

Continuing over a period of 2 and a half months, 10 different houses hung the Minipreço promotions out to dry on the streets. These families were paid around $ 250 each. Speaking of the numbers, the campaign generated more than 3.6 million impressions. It appeared on all the major Portuguese news networks and was covered by popular online media networks.

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