Adidas is one of the most esteemed entertainment companies in the world that is a sneaker lover’s paradise. Most of these are widely used by people who follow the hip-hop industry, as the company often offers customizations to suit the interests of famous artists. Adidas recently came up with sneakers that support the entire social distancing agenda, based on last year’s global pandemic.

In partnership with designer Tommy Cash, the company disbursed its 1-meter-long sneakers that some believe resemble a loaf of bread. Check it out for yourself!

These are the longest shoes ever made, available in black and white to suit the aesthetic behind the idea. Since experts around the world have advised people to maintain a distance of 1 meter in queues to incorporate social distancing, Cash incorporated the same in his realistic but strange design that is catching the attention of all consumers.

Users have tried to find similarities between these shoes and the everyday objects around them, and some of the answers will definitely leave you divided.

Although they came up with various sexual advances, some users definitely found the idea strange. This could be a Fashion X Art hack, of course, but not many users will pay the high price to buy this pair.

The designer also kicked off the launch of this 1 meter long pair on his own Instagram page.

Also, there is a catch! This limited edition pair will not be available to almost anyone! To get them, you will need to download the Adidas app for a chance to purchase these shoes. Only 3 lucky winners will be chosen to go ahead with this purchase. Since this is an exquisite piece, it will definitely appeal to those who like to collect art, or are big fans of the latest new sneaker releases.

This pair is inspired by Tommy Cash’s idea of ​​creating the longest pair of shoes ever made in the world. At the time of brainstorming, people naturally rolled their eyes at him. But 5 months later, he made it a reality, and here the world stares at his creation.

What do you think of this fabulous pair?

Source: News 18

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