Not everyone has good career opportunities. While some settle for what they have and aspire to improve, others thank their stars for what little they have. This is what happened to this Chennai car driver who decided to make the most of his situation.

He always wanted to have his own business once he grew up. However, not having the monetary funds to do so, he decided to turn his car driver job into his own business very soon. He always got good marks in school and thought about marketing angles so that his clients get the best out of his services. As the driver of a car, you realized that customers would expect safety and respect. So the next part that came naturally to him was: what else could he do to improve the ride?

How did you make your car trip fun for customers?

He managed to stack some newspapers in his car for clients who like to read the morning news on the way to work. It also has a charging point installed for anyone running low on battery power. If it is too hot, you can use the small fan on your trip. You can also make your trip interesting by connecting to your WiFi or using your iPad to watch Netflix. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Since the traffic in Chennai is usually full, the trips are mostly long and this was the best way that you could help your clients enjoy themselves while getting to know them better. Believe in building relationships with your clients.

Do you want to know the best part? He never collects money from doctors or teachers. In addition to charging you his regular fee, he will happily give you Rs. 1000 once you complete 40 trips with him. He definitely has a heart of gold and an amazing business strategy that entrepreneurs can learn from!

How would you make the best of the situation if you were a car driver?

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