Just when you think fashion can’t take another weird turn, it does. It’s not always about intricate details and exquisite patterns. LEJE, a Korean fashion brand, introduced their ‘slash jeans’ which sell for Rs. 28,000 and it seems like they’ve been separated from the middle in a strange way. Does it remind you of something?

In addition to these odd-cut jeans, the brand also introduced its L-shaped jeans that look even more unusual. They have been cut in a different direction to create an L-shaped pattern with each inch as it goes down.

Some users have compared these jeans to popular anime action shows that feature sword fights in which objects are cut in a direction similar to slash jeans. Others cannot decide how they feel about this new fashion trend.

Or is it really a trend?

This is how Twitter users reacted.

Some users also used memes to share how they feel about this new trend.

Suppose this is where they were inspired? Or it could also be anime.

If you had the option to buy this pair, would you? If so, how would you design it? Do you think these jeans are worth their price?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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