A Hyderabad-based software development engineer by profession, Deepthi Narkuti, has landed a job at the American technology company, Microsoft, for a whopping annual salary of 2rs crore rupees. She has been selected as the Software development engineer For him Grade 2-Group at the signature.

Before landing this job at Microsoft, he had been offered offers from quite a few AAA-rated companies, including Goldman Sachs and Amazon Inc, who came to the University looking for locations. You have received offers from these reputable companies even before completing your graduate degree.

Narkuti has worked for three years at the American Investment Bank, JP Morgan as a software engineer after completing her Bachelor of Technology before pursuing higher education. He also received a scholarship from the University of Florida which is why it helped her earn her graduate degree from the top university. He obtained his BA from Osmania College of Engineering in Hyderabad and currently has a Master in Computing from the University of Florida.

She will work at the Seattle-based company’s headquarters and was one of 300 candidates Microsoft offered this job to. She pocketed the highest package to be offered among those selected by the firm. Back in her hometown, Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar also took to Twitter to congratulate her on her momentous achievement. His father works as a forensic expert at the Hyderabad Police Commissioner.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Narkuti has practical experience in Agile Scrum methodology, Full Stack applications, systems design, RDBMS, NoSQL, object-oriented programming and in automation tools such as Jenkins, Git, Cucumber, Selenium, JIRA, Amazon. Web services and Microsoft Azure Cloud. His job at JP Morgan consisted of designing and building highly scalable end-to-end applications while managing 11 million customer balances. She also has commendable volunteer experience with multiple organizations and has received multiple honors and awards for her work at JP Morgan. His preferred programming language is Java and he strongly believes that

“Technology can help enormously to solve day-to-day problems, thus creating a significant impact on the transformation of people’s lives”

He also shares his love for working on projects in real time while providing creative solutions that help solve day-to-day problems on his Linkedin profile.

Within an ever-evolving industry in a highly competitive field, Deepthi Narkuti has broken all barriers and set the path for all software engineers to follow.

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