Expats are drawn to places with good amenities and a suitable environment. The best places to stay in the world according to the Expat report for 2021 are the following:


This is the third time that Taiwan has ranked first in a row. Expats enjoy the state of the local economy and feel safe and sound with their personal and professional life. At least 96% of them have received high-quality medical care. For Taiwan, people are considered people and not just numbers.


Out of 59 destinations, Mexico ranks second because expats settle down and find it easy to make friends. The cost of living is adequate. Although the quality of life index is slightly low, 89% of expatriates in Mexico feel safe and happy to reside there.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica ranks third out of 59 destinations. Expats find it easy to settle in and believe that foreigners are treated with the utmost respect. Social life and culture are quite interesting and most of them are generally very happy.

The least likely places to stay in the world according to Expat’s 2021 report are,


Unfortunately, Kuwait was ranked last out of 59 destinations in the world. The quality of life index, social and cultural life, happiness quotient and leisure options are all deficient. About 62% of the expat population has difficulty making friends.


Italy ranks 58th with 56% expats not finding opportunities locally. The country appears to make it difficult for foreigners and locals to find work, no matter how educated they are. Digital life is the worst ranked with the happiness quotient going down.

South Africa

South Africa ranks 57th and most expats complain about its expensive structure. Even disposable income is not enough to support people. No more than 47% of the expatriate population is happy with their job.

Here are the best and worst destinations:

Fountain: Inter Nations

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