India is fighting the second wave of COVID19 right now. While the fight seems long and tough, everyone tries their best to come out as a winner. Frontline workers make sure to save as many lives as possible. At the rear, people have been devising ways to ensure proper hygiene and safety is maintained.

People have now realized the importance of hygiene when choosing to buy a product or service. With this in mind, many small businesses are introducing cleaner ways of serving customers.

An Indore man has made headlines with his innovative way of serving coconut water to his customers. Love sirohi, who is a food blogger, shared a video of a ‘high-tech’ coconut water cart in town. The coconut vendor uses a machine to extract the water from the coconut and serve it without contact.

Ever since the video was shared online, people have been applauding the provider’s approach to ensuring maximum hygiene and safety for their customers.

The blogger shared the video on his Facebook page with a caption that read ‘India’s Most Hygienic Coconut Water Cart‘.

The video shows a clean, high-tech coconut water cart in the middle of a parking area. The seller can be seen wearing a mask and gloves. Then he takes out a coconut from a closed compartment of the cart and places it under the machine to make a hole and then it is served after going through a filtration process.

A glass of this ‘high-tech’ coconut water costs just Rs 50.

Since the video was shared, it has received more than 45 million views on Facebook and more than 564,000 likes. The video went viral for all the right reasons.

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