When you come across news articles, how many of them are really genuine? Living in a time when most of the country is under lockdown, authenticity is more crucial than ever. To give the industry a boost, Google is putting in some investments that will ensure readers only get true cover stories. The launch of Google News Showcase in India will help you find fashion news in different segments that are verified by the brand itself.

What newspapers are part of the Google News Showcase?

Currently, 30 publishers have joined this new platform and some of the most popular are The Hindu Group, NDTV, Amar Ujala, ABP LIVE, ANI and The Telegraph. This platform is quite popular in the UK, Argentina, Australia and Japan, to name a few, and already has more than 700 editors on board.

In October 2020, Google CEO and Alphabet founder Sundar Pichai announced a billion dollar partnership with leading news publishers in India. Editors will be paid to curate and culminate true stories. Quality journalism will be given a boost that will enable high-quality content online. This will help keep news partners around the world.

Most of the content from these dedicated news editors will be available to readers in English and Hindi. Other languages ​​will follow suit as well, paying more attention to regional languages ​​for India’s diverse population.

As a reader, you will not be limited only to what is happening in the country today, but you will also be able to access more stories from the editor that would not have been possible otherwise.

Will you enjoy reading your morning news through this portal?

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