In the world of Cryptocurrency, the prices of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ether, Matic, and Binance Coin fell sharply on Wednesday, May 19.

This put a lot of pressure and caused an unmanageable trade fever in India. While many people were trying to understand what was happening, there were certain brands that decided to use this to their advantage. Some leading brands reacted to the news in an ingenious way and caught our full attention.


Zomato posted a rather nifty post about the dip in which he shared a screenshot of a chat with his ‘Crypto friend who doesn’t shu…’. We know who Zomato is talking about. All have that friend.

Too yumm

Too yummThe comparison between the “decline we want” and the “decline we get” was spot on.


MMTC-PAMP is internationally recognized as the industry leader for bringing global standards to India in the precious metals business. The company pointed out how investing in gold is never as ‘cryptic’ as investing in cryptocurrencies. The stakes are too high.


Grofers‘LinkedIn post caught everyone’s attention. The brand announced that it is hiring by highlighting that they are accepting Bitcoins. Hilariously, that was just to get our attention.

Borges India

Borges India compared the drop in cryptocurrencies to the many healthy drops they have with them.

Amul India

Amul India pointed out how they are the safest investment compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

SonyLIV India

Scam 1992 had to do with the ups and downs of the stock market. SonyLIV he was quick to make a reference to the recent situation and suggested a binge instead.

Brand factory

Brand factory India informed its customers that they have discounts throughout the year, making their drop in prices more preferable.

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