The annual Sunday Times Rich List is here and Mumbai-born brothers David and Simon Reuben have retained their position as the second richest in the country once again. The pandemic has spawned several billionaires and here is the scoop on the top 5 of The Sunday Times Rich List 2021!

1) Sir Leonard Blavatnik

With an estimated fortune in GBP £ 23 billionThis British-American dual nationality of Russian origin has topped the list of being the richest person in the UK. His fortune has made him head of the Sunday Times Rich List for the second time. His fortune comes from his earnings in the music and media industry, along with his investments.

2) David and Simón Rubén

This Indian-born duo have a net worth of £ 21,465bn and has held his position for the second time in a row. His source of wealth, property, has leveled his position. In the pandemic itself, they went shopping, bought undervalued hotels and other properties. They have been buying American buildings rented from brands that are highly unlikely to be affected by the pandemic and thus increasing their wealth.

3) Sri and Gopi Hinduja and family

Although the family has been embroiled in a legal skirmish, it ranks third on the Sunday Times list of rich. Sri and Gopi Hinduja have a net worth figure of £ 17 billion. The family conglomerate is caught in legal trouble with Sri Hinduja claiming personal property from the Swiss-based Bank Hinduja in a policy stated otherwise that “everything belongs to everyone and nothing belongs to anyone.”

4) Sir James Dyson

His net worth figure is at £ 16.3 billion and he is famous for being the inventor of Brexit. Dyson, 74, is looking to invest £ 2.75 billion in robotics and artificial intelligence over the next five years with the intention of doubling his company’s product range.

5) Lakshmi Mittal and family

The 70-year-old Rajasthan-born Mittal named after the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth has secured the fifth position on the list of wealthy with a net worth of £ 14.68 billion. The owner of the world’s largest steel producer, ArcelorMittal, is currently involved in a £ 290 million pilot project that aims to reduce his company’s carbon footprint.

In the most unsettling boom, these business moguls have emerged to grow their businesses through such difficult times. As fragile as their position may be, the billionaire roster has seen growth and the digital boom is here to generate more and more business in the years to come.

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