Killing time during the confinement due to the second wave of the confinement can be more tedious than you think. Luckily for you, Indian OTT shows will hook you on their story and characterizations, even if you’ve seen them before or are new to school.

These Indian web series have been voted the best so far. They have been observed by half the population at the time of their release, with some awaiting another sequel. Pick your pick from the top 5 listed below and enjoy bingeing!

Mirzapur and Mirzapur Season 2

Mirzapur and its subsequent sequel, Mirzapur 2 have been astonishing fans since 2018. The story follows the lives of different characters, all intertwined in the same life of crime, drama, and violence. While the series awaits the third installment, surely you should finish the first 2 seasons to get acquainted with things and enjoy the Indian political drama at its best.

1992 scam

Harshad Mehta was once BSE’s big bull in 1992. What seemed like a clean and easy way to invest in stocks and become the richest person on the market turns out to be India’s biggest financial fraud. Watch the show unravel his rise to fame and subsequent downfall.

The family man

Manoj Bajpayee has been applauded time and again for his role as Srikant Tiwari, a senior analyst who is believed to lead a simple life with a steady government job. However, it is much more than that. Apparently, he is the world’s top spy on the way to solving a terrorist attack. While juggling his family and work, the creators are on track to release Season 2 in June of this year, picking up where they left off. Stay tuned for more!


Abhishek, an unemployed guy, goes to a village to start something new. He wants to take a government job to earn money and do his service properly, yet he comes across the real village political agenda that changes everything for him. This is the dramatic comedy you need to cheer you up while at home.

TVF applicants

The latest addition to the TVF batch is Aspirants, a miniseries available on YouTube and MiniTV from Amazon. It shows the lives of IITians, MBBs, and IAS applicants and their travels as they pass these civil service exams. It is sure to resonate with you as the characters display mixed emotions while succeeding with their lives.

Besides the top 5, here are some other shows to add to your watchlist,

  1. Sacred games
  2. TVF Kota Factory
  3. Asur
  4. Bandits bandits
  5. Permanent roommates

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