Samsung and Apple have been involved in brand war campaigns for as long as we can remember. Their rivalry has been iconic and is always present in every discussion. Recently, Samsung launched a new campaign promoting its Galaxy S21 Ultra while teasing the Iphone 12 Pro Max. The campaign, “Upgrading your phone shouldn’t be a sale.” He has already managed to turn heads and is full of energy with three videos poking fun at the rival brand.

The ads are mainly focused on the quality of the camera that Samsung offers in its latest model. The iPhone, known for its camera quality, has been mocked in videos where there is a clear demarcation between what Samsung offers and what the iPhone offers.
Samsung vs Apple

The first ad talks about the 100x Spatial Zoom on the new Galaxy S21 Ultra compared to that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max which only offers 12x digital zoom. In the video, the comparison has been made with that of the shooting of the Moon, which is a classic debate about why a camera cannot capture it very well.

The second ad is on Samsung’s 108MP main sensor on top of the iPhone’s 12MP lens. Using the photo of a hamburger, Samsung zooms in to show the details that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has to offer over the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The shot appears to be much more detailed and the finer aspects of a photo can be seen.

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Finally, the last video focuses on the new feature that Samsung has launched. The feature allows you to take videos and photos, both at the same time. Its Single Take on iPhone Live Photo feature is the latest technology hit Samsung has to offer potential consumers. With the single shot feature, a user of the Galaxy S21 Ultra can capture at least 14 types of photos and videos in 3-10 seconds of capture time, while Live Photo on iPhone only records three seconds of video of any image. This has definitely given them an edge over Apple in terms of technology for capturing images.

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The iconic brand rivalry has risen to a new front with the launch of Samsung’s ads. The ads, launched on YouTube, have been gaining a lot of attention from consumers. Samsung has cleverly launched the idea that an update is not a downgrade by directly targeting the competitor in its ads. One of the most iconic brand war campaigns ever launched so far, one is anxiously waiting to find out how Apple will respond to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra campaign.

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