Everyone has struggled in life to achieve the success they really deserve. Whether you have two jobs or take something that pays you less, people have been working hard to make ends meet. But no success was easy. Every successful person has an incredible story about the difficulties they faced to get to where they are today.

Only those who have the true desire to grow and learn and never give are the ones who witness their dreams eventually come true. Today we are going to tell you about one of those people whose struggles have defined who he is today.

The humble beginning of Arvind

Born in Rohtak, Haryana, Arvind kumar He came from a lower-middle-class family that was struggling to make ends meet. His father was a small-scale civil contractor. An unfortunate turn of events cost his father his business, further worsening his living conditions.

They had to sell their house and the whole family moved into a one-room house where Arvind lived with his two brothers and parents. From a young age, Arvind realized that he would have to help his family financially.

In 2001, at the age of 16, Arvind began working as a day laborer and was paid Rs 50 per day. He and his family were doing everything they could to survive. Even after going through such hardships, Arvind never lost his easy-going demeanor and always stayed positive.

Arvind wanted to change the destiny of his family and decided to try different jobs. At age 20, Arvind became excited to try something in music as he became fond of art. With the help of his friend, Arvind learned the skills of being a DJ.

Arvind’s journey as a DJ

During that time, DJs were very popular in Rohtak Haryana. Having learned some skills as a DJ, Arvind became popular in his locality and began working at parties as a DJ after a long day at work.

For a decade, Arvind was one of the most popular DJs in Rohtak and nearby areas. He gained a lot of name, fame and money during those years. However, his desire to learn something new and try different business ideas never faded.

The idea of ​​a new business

It was in 2013 that Arvind heard the news of a falling structure accident in an ongoing program at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. This gave him the idea to promote stronger aluminum armor at such events. Arvind was able to network in the events industry over the years, which was helpful when he decided to start his business.

After understanding the demand for these types of structures in the region, Arvind decided to meet with an aluminum truss dealer in Delhi.

In an interview, Arvind shared that when asked about better quality aluminum armor, a trader in Delhi laughed at him and said that almost all aluminum armor is imported from China. No Indian company manufactured such armor. That hit him a lot and he was determined to make better aluminum armor in India.

How ‘Devil Truss’ started

Arvind started researching aluminum trusses and the initial research cost him around Rs 10 lakh. After gaining sufficient knowledge of the product, Arvind decided to take out a business loan and set up a small facility to manufacture aluminum trusses.

Within 9 months, his truss was ready and Arvind contacted the same merchant who mocked him earlier. The businessman advised him to display his structure at an exhibition in Delhi. The exhibition was a success and Arvind received many good responses and appreciation.

Devil truss since then it has become a prominent name in the event industry. The company has been manufacturing and supplying for events small and large. The company caters to many prominent names in the industry.

From politicians to corporations, artists and philosophers, Arvind trusses were used in all kinds of events. In 2019 Devils Truss received the Best Trussing Company Award in India.

While talking about his product, Arvind said that the armor imported from China is cheaper but the quality is lower. The truss offered by Arvind is an ideal balance of price and quality according to him. This balance of quality and cost has helped Devil Truss do 15 crore business.

Arvind has faced many struggles in life, but no one could discourage him from getting to where he is today. His story is a true inspiration to all of us.

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