JUICE is one of the most fashionable salon chains in India with more than 30 branches spread internationally. 20 years since its launch, JUICE has become a leader and benchmark in the hair, beauty and nail care industry.

Initial investment: Rs 50 Lakhs – Rs 1 crore

Lakme room

From the most prestigious consumer goods company in India, Hindustan Unilever Limited comes a chain of salons, dedicated to the Indian woman and her exploration of beauty, Lakme room.

Initial investment: Rs 50 Lakhs – Rs 60 Lakhs

Geetanjali Room

Geetanjali Salon was co-founded by Mr. Prem Israni and Ms. Neetu Israni in 1989 in Green Park, South Delhi. His son, Mr. Sumit Israni, a famous stylist and creative director, now runs Geetanjali Salon.

Initial investment: Rs 50 Lakhs

Cut and comb

Cut and style is one of the finest and fastest growing salon chains in India with over 70 salons. The brand offers complete marketing and branding support to develop a network in a specific area.

Initial Investment: Rs 40 – Rs 45 Lakhs

Mandibular habib

Mandibular habib Hair and Beauty Ltd. is one of the oldest hair and beauty salons in India. With operations in 24 states and 110 cities in the country, the show currently has 875 points of sale in addition to establishments in Singapore, Kenya, Dubai, Bangladesh, Nepal.

Initial Investment: Rs 32 – Rs 35 Lakhs

Shahnaz Husain

The Shahnaz Husain Group is one of the oldest and most popular salon chains in the country. Shahnaz Husain The group has a large network of more than 400 franchises in India and abroad, operating under the franchise system.

Initial Investment: Rs 20 – Rs 35 Lakhs

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