Stuck in your old 9-5 job and looking to explore new career paths? It is important to reassess your skills every 6 months to understand if you are still stuck in the same rut. Job prospects demand people with all the important skills required in today’s digital world.

If you are looking to add value to our resume, check out these lucrative career options to boost your career.

UX designers

If you have the creativity and technical knowledge to pull it off, you are sure to be unstoppable! This is a great combination for finding success in today’s world. UX designers get a good salary base to begin with and are highly sought after in almost every digital company.

Marketing and digital media specialists

Social media experts who can create digital content in the form of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and even movies are the need of the moment at most PR firms, music companies, ad agencies, and more. You must be a social media wizard who is aware of all the trends, what content works best, has the ability to observe and evaluate to take advantage of your career.

Talent managers

Can’t find your hidden talent but know how to handle situations and people? Start your own talent management agency or get the full experience by joining one. You can be hired by an influencer or artist to manage schedules, advise on content creation, book appointments, and help professionals retrain and improve their skills.

Experts in customer service

When companies have great services or products, they are also looking for great people who can manage others and help them have a sense of direction. Dealing with clients is a life skill that helps you develop patience and approach different types of people at once. It is an interesting race in today’s times.

Data analysts

More than numbers, data analysts must observe and implement strategies to help a brand with its service options or product sales. This space is still growing and allows people in the arts, writing and psychology industries to explore avenues.

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