On Monday, March 8, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. Everyone around the world was sharing images of the ‘wonder women’ in their life who have supported them all these years.

Many brands have also used this opportunity to target their ad campaigns that celebrate femininity and the powerful impact they have in today’s world.

Groww, an online investment platform that targets first-time investors and millennials, also launched an astonishing ad campaign on this Women’s Day. The 45-second video shared on her YouTube channel described how important it is for women to invest, as it does so much more for society. It shows women from all walks of life living their stories and inspiring others to grow with them.

The ad sends a strong message that when a woman invests, she becomes independent, empowered, and an inspiration. The brand further claims that a woman becomes an agent of change by “helping to close the gender-based wealth gap in the world.” And, when a woman advances, more women advance. This is how we get #One step closer to make the world a better place.

The brand rightly calls them the ‘investment queens’. With this ad campaign, Groww has brought to light a very sensitive issue of the gender-based wealth gap around the world.

According, Rough Jain, the co-founder and COO of Groww, around 10% of the investors in the app are women and the female user base has been observed to increase steadily. Groww has partnered with leading women’s finance educators on their YouTube channel and is featuring many educational initiatives that would help women find the related investment.

The women of India have become self-aware and have taken the right steps to help them succeed. The step taken by Groww on this women’s day is sure to spread the word and encourage more and more women to start investing for a stronger, independent future.

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