The country has seen an increase in coronavirus cases from April to May this year. During this time, several employees have been affected or had family members who were going through problems. Some have even passed away due to the second wave. To give employees and their families respite during these difficult times, Tata Steel is winning hearts by paying wages and benefits through policies created especially for COVID-19.

The founder and president, Ratan Tata, is a household name in the industry. He is a philanthropist and has always treated his employees like family. His Jamshedput-based company recently announced that it will pay full salary to the families of employees who sadly succumbed to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, this salary would be paid until retirement age to these families, that is, up to 60 years.

In addition to this, if the family needs further support, Tata Steel is happy to provide medical and residential support. The company announced these new policies in an official post on Twitter.

Users have nothing but praise for the company for putting its employees first no matter the situation. This type of gesture is very necessary, especially when the crisis is worldwide.

Other companies have also announced policies to help employees deal with mental stress and loss during COVID-19 by allowing 4 work days a week, fully paid wages despite having COVID-19, and helping with a medical fund. additional for employees or their facilities. to safely fight this pandemic.

We are proud of TATA Steel’s decision and hope that more companies will follow suit.

Fountain: India Times

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