Zimbabwean cricketer Ryan Burl recently took to his Twitter to ask someone to sponsor his team with shoes so they don’t have to glue them every season. The game can get very tough on the field and, like Ryan, other cricketers sometimes have to mend their worn out shoes due to their small ability and limited recognition. In response to his plea, Puma pounced like the life preserver. How?

This is what Ryan Burl initially posted.

All BCCI teams are not endorsed by sponsors for their clothing, shoes, and gear. Fortunately for Burl, Puma granted his wishes in another tweet.

The brand went to great lengths to match the color of the shoes to its team jersey. In addition, they also shipped the new shoes for all team members via express shipping. Puma has definitely won hearts and Ryan took to Twitter to thank all of his fans who had shared his tweet and helped him reach the official brand within 24 hours.

Ryan and his team are officially part of the Puma cricket team! The brand signed a deal with Burl even though it only has 3 trial tests and 17 ODIs to its name.

Fans appreciate everything the brand has done so far. They are surely giving aspiring cricket teams hope of success. This is how some of them reacted.

What do you think of Puma’s moving gesture?

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