Earlier this year, Barbeque Nation maintained a reputation as a unique restaurant. Known for its huge chain of buffet lunches and dinners, this brand was unlikely to start with online delivery. However, understanding the second wave pandemic in India, it seems that they changed their model completely, leading to a rapid increase in their sales.

By May 24, 2021, Barbeque Nation was able to make a profit worth Rs. 6.1 million rupees. Compared to 2020, it represented a loss of almost Rs. 27 million rupees. All in all, the brand posted a 19% profit in one year. So how has the company managed to turn a profit despite the lockdown?

Invest in digital platforms

The Barbeque Nation Hospitality community is well known in India. They had managed to attract new customers and retain their loyalists before and after the pandemic last year. By promoting the brand on their dedicated digital platforms, they managed to earn 24.7% revenue and expanded their delivery service 6 times from last year.

Launch of Barbeque in a Box

Due to the pandemic, Barbeque Nation launched a new product called ‘Barbeque in a Box’ that featured popular items for customers in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. It is available in delivery service applications as well as its own online application.

This gives customers the full buffet experience from the immediate vicinity of their homes.

Focus on online deliveries

Barbeque Nation will continue to provide online delivery services for its customers, in addition to reopening its outlets after closing.

Their earnings are expected to double by the end of 2022.

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