How often do you see a bottle or glass of coke normally available at food rental establishments? Most of the world’s Burger Kings, Wendys, and McDonald’s have ties to Coca-Cola more than Pepsi. To win over fans, Pepsi launched a challenge campaign using pets to win over the 3 biggest food chains and replace Coca Cola seamlessly.

How did Coca Cola expand over the decades?

Coca Cola started in 1886. Originally called ‘Brad’s Drink’ in 1893. Soon, Pepsi appeared in the 1900s and the first brought in singer Hild Clark for its advertisements. This was the beginning of something great. While Pepsi expanded into 24 states, Coca-Cola brought in well-known personalities, including athletes, celebrities, and singers. Coca Cola had the opportunity to expand outside the United States.

How did Pepsi get interested in Coca-Cola?

Pepsi now encourages users to try a can of Pepsi or a glass of their favorite burgers. A new paparazzi-style print ad will run in the New York Post. This has been achieved through an origami art that features the iconography of food.

The campaign has been called #BetterwithPepsi. Most burger establishments have offered their patrons limited drink options on the menu. In addition to this, the ads on Instagram and Facebook will also be presented with payment options available on Paypal, Venmo or a digital gift card.

The brand is committed to a lighter tone to adapt to today’s millennials. It also focuses on the categories that are applicable to consumers.

Similarly, Pepsi also launched a Fried Chicken version of its #BetterWithPepsi campaign, 3 weeks ago.

What do you think of their marketing efforts to attract loyal customers to Coca-Cola?

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