The 10 largest trillion dollar companies in 2021

You might believe that companies spend a lot of money advertising their products to make them great. However, these billion dollar companies have products and services that many might not have heard of, but their annual revenues are incredible. So what are these companies? Here is the complete list. YKK Where do you think zippers […]

Top 10 Universities in the World Declared by QS World Ranking 2022

The QS World Ranking, known for ranking the world’s best universities annually, has finally delivered its verdict of the best schools you should apply to by 2022. Based on the IISC’s cutting-edge research tactics, these universities have been ranked based on the quality of the academy provided, the service offerings, the scope of growth and […]

Top 10 countries from where most millionaires recently emigrated

AfrAsia Bank is authorized and regulated by the Bank of Mauritius. The regional bank has published in its recent findings the number of millionaires who migrate around the world. Data for people with a net worth of $ 1 million to $ 9.9 million was included in the report. According to their study, in 2019 […]

Victoria’s Secret Announces Rebranding Effort Including Priyanka Chopra

Victoria’s Secret, the infamous lingerie brand synonymous with the words “sexy” and “desirable,” is rebranding in an attempt to become much more inclusive and diverse with today’s times. The brand is ditching its Victoria’s Secret Angels and has signed a new roster of people who will now represent the brand. With VS Collective, the brand […]

Reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo makes more money with Instagram than with football

It might surprise you, but the Juventus star, known for being a health fanatic and recently popularized for choosing water over a bottle of Coke, makes more money from Instagram than from football! Let’s dig deeper to understand why. Killer participation rate With an Instagram following of nearly 300 million followers today, Cristiano’s posts plunge […]

Brands and Netizens Create Witty Posts About Ronaldo Incident

The famous Cristiano Ronaldo during a press conference at the European Championship, very cruelly took out two bottles of Coca-Cola in front of him and took a bottle of water to show which drink he preferred. This move resulted in a $ 4 billion drop in the share price of the beverage company. The captain […]

5 celebrities who made brands lose big

Brands and celebrities have always gone hand in hand, and many of the trends have become the face of the company after releasing a movie, song, or being an inspiration to many. However, not all brand offerings have turned out well, and sometimes these brands have also been investigated due to things celebrities might have […]